pregnancyChildbirth is considered to be the main and very important mission of every woman on earth. Every future mum is looking forward to feel the happiness of bringing a new person to this world, and experience the joy of seeing him growing up and developing. But at the same time every expecting woman is usually very nervous about the necessity to go through the severe pain and suffering, which always accompany the whole long process of natural childbirth.

Fortunately, modern advanced medical technologies offer a number of opportunities to cope with the pain. Women can use, for example, strong and effective palliative medicines, which can help to ease the suffering. Another option for today’s woman to considerably decrease the pain during the childbirth is to choose epidural anesthesia to be applied right after labor pains begin. This type of anesthesia is frequently recommended by doctors and is successfully used in many clinics and marital houses throughout the world.

It is performed as the following: a thin needle, connected to a little catheter, is placed into epidural space of the woman’s spine. The needle fills epidural space with special medication, which directly influences local nerves of the spine, relaxes the muscles of the pelvis and substantially relieves the pain. Then, the needle can be removed and the amount of medication can be controlled with the help of the catheter: it remains in woman’s spine, so doctors can transmit additional portions of medication, if necessary.

To avoid the risk of removal of the catheter it must be reliably fixed to the body of the woman. It is important that the epidural anesthesia does not affect the strength or intensity of birth pangs. That is why a woman in epidural labor still feels pressure and struggles to push the baby out. After the delivery catheter is removed from the body.

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