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Check Your Fertility In The Comfort of Your Own Home With a Home Fertility Test Kit

If you are like the majority of Americans, you just don’t like going to the doctor. It isn’t the cost, it is something else, maybe the fact that you have to admit you aren’t invincible. Also, it can be embarrassing if you are trying to find out something very personal, like whether or not you can have babies.

Up until now, fertility tests meant going in for a lab test. Even thought the results are supposed to be private and carefully handled, it can be pretty embarrassing for a guy to have his sperm counted and then printed out on a sheet for others to see. Which is why it is so great that there is now a home version of this test available.

The home fertility test kit is a dual pack, with tests for both men and women. Since we can’t assume that one or the other has the problem in most cases, it is a great idea to include the two tests in one kit. This allows for a one time purchase of the embarrassing kit and both parties can check how fertile they are.

The male version of the fertility test check sperm quality, mobility and quantity and is ready in just under an hour and a half. The female version measures FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) in women to determine fertility. Obviously, this is a very basic level test, but it is a good indication of trouble and men are far more likely to use it than go to the doctor to get checked. Moreover, at Brablå you can find many other solutions related to women’s and men’s issues, including impotency, infertility and many sexual problems.

Although the test is extremely accurate (preliminary checks indicate 95% accuracy), it is no substitute for highly equipped labs, so if users have any doubts about the results it is best to get properly tested. Also, if an abnormality appears, a doctor will be able to help resolve the situation and offer tips to make it easier to conceive.

Since stress can play a major part in causing temporary infertility, experts feel that offering this home test will help couples greatly. It is an easy test to do and allows couples to check at any point in the period of trying to conceive, even a couple of months into it, when a doctor wouldn’t normally recommend testing. A negative result can ease couple’s fears and although it isn’t conclusive, the majority of people will feel better knowing that they have just ruled out two possible problems.

The dual fertility kit costs around $100 at this point, but it will probably go down in price as other companies bring out similar tests. Still, $100 to check your fertility in the comfort of your own home isn’t much, considering the privacy factor. I suspect a lot of couples will be trying this new test out.

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Epidural vs. Natural Childborth: Similarities

babyIn the context of female physiology and the mechanics of the process, natural and epidural types of childbirth should not be considered too much different. In both situations, if there are no complications or other critical circumstances, the woman undergoes labor contractions and delivers the baby herself under control of obstetricians and medical assistants.

Also, both of these types of childbirth are quite risky: both of them may end up with a necessity of doing Caesarean section, or with vaginal delivery with the help of forceps or vacuum. And possible complications, which may occur after epidural or natural childbirth, are mostly similar: in both situations, new mothers have to cope with afterbirth pains and body transformations. In addition, they have to face psychological and mental changes, connected with the coming of a new person, fully dependent on them.

Finally, both types of childbirth are free for future mother’s choice and nobody can force a woman to prefer one method for another. But, certainly, there are special circumstances and health conditions of pregnant woman, when one or another type of childbirth can be recommended by the doctors. For example, epidural anesthesia is preferable for a woman with low pain threshold or with emotional fear of suffering during labor. But if a woman is psychologically prepared and strong, if she has good health and physical condition, doctors usually recommend trying natural childbirth as the less risky and absolutely “natural” way of delivering a baby.

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Epidural and Natural Childbirth

pregnancyChildbirth is considered to be the main and very important mission of every woman on earth. Every future mum is looking forward to feel the happiness of bringing a new person to this world, and experience the joy of seeing him growing up and developing. But at the same time every expecting woman is usually very nervous about the necessity to go through the severe pain and suffering, which always accompany the whole long process of natural childbirth.

Fortunately, modern advanced medical technologies offer a number of opportunities to cope with the pain. Women can use, for example, strong and effective palliative medicines, which can help to ease the suffering. Another option for today’s woman to considerably decrease the pain during the childbirth is to choose epidural anesthesia to be applied right after labor pains begin. This type of anesthesia is frequently recommended by doctors and is successfully used in many clinics and marital houses throughout the world.

It is performed as the following: a thin needle, connected to a little catheter, is placed into epidural space of the woman’s spine. The needle fills epidural space with special medication, which directly influences local nerves of the spine, relaxes the muscles of the pelvis and substantially relieves the pain. Then, the needle can be removed and the amount of medication can be controlled with the help of the catheter: it remains in woman’s spine, so doctors can transmit additional portions of medication, if necessary.

To avoid the risk of removal of the catheter it must be reliably fixed to the body of the woman. It is important that the epidural anesthesia does not affect the strength or intensity of birth pangs. That is why a woman in epidural labor still feels pressure and struggles to push the baby out. After the delivery catheter is removed from the body.

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